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See how our patients rate their experience! 

"I cannot say enough good things about Megan! My son was so scared on his first visit, and we got nowhere with the actual cleaning. After a phone conversation with Megan we decided to give Children's Dental Health another chance, and I'm so glad we did. Megan decided we should start with a happy visit (with her), which was pretty much like an introduction to her and her tools; he even let her clean a couple front teeth. We went back for another visit about a week and a half later, and he ended up with a full cleaning by Megan, and a check/fluoride by the dentist! I was shocked! She made such a great impression on him during his 'happy visit' that on his second time with her he willingly went right in the room, got in her chair and let her do her thing! (Not a single tear or hesitation!) I am incredibly thankful for Megan's patience and approach, it has totally changed the way my son feels about the dentist! Much thanks to Megan! I look forward to many years of having you as my little's hygienist!!"

—Lauren Nicole Quinn, Facebook

"We recently switched to Children's Dental Health after many many recommendations from moms in Easton. I could not be happier. My son needed several teeth removed and some cavities filled. It was painless. Dr. Nidhi was amazing and was so thorough explaining each step to myself and my son. Both of my children needed to be seen by the orthodontist and having all services under one roof made things so easy. This is a first class dental practice. Every staff member is there to ensure that you have a positive experience."

—Lisa C., Yelp

"My children have been with Children's Dental Health Center for over 12 years. They are so wonderful.....they understand children completely. My kids don't mind going to the dentist at all....The Dentists and the Hygienists are fantastic. Can't say enough about them....highly recommend."

—Theresa Hagerty, Facebook

"Best Children's Dentist around. Dr. Derek is so wonderful with my kids, he's the best!! If you are looking for a great dentist for your kids don't look anywhere else. Plus, what other Dentist has full size arcade games and a life size airplane in the waiting room? My kids look forward to going to the Dentist every time."

—Christina Correia Rogers, Facebook

"I cannot say enough wonderful things about Children's Dental Health Center! Dr. Derek is amazing, and really made me and my son feel at ease. We know we are in good hands here and will continue bringing our boys here for years to come!"

—Adrienne M., Yelp

"I brought my 13-month-old daughter here for her 1st dentist appointment. We checked in, and my daughter immediately toddled around the waiting room. She loooooved the airplane and the slide and giggled with glee while we waited to be called in. They also have a Ms. Pac Man machine, an Atari machine and an XBox One console, so cool! A few trips down the slide later, we were called back by the hygienist. It's hard to keep a toddler still, but she managed pretty well, without too much protest. Dr. Veena came in and she was awesome with the kiddo as well. Everything was explained very well and everyone took their time to talk to me about any concerns I may have. I felt very comfortable, and the office has no problem at all with parents being in the room (strangely, this was NOT the case at another popular Stoughton dental practice, so I quickly cancelled that appointment!). My daughter got her little prize and we'll be back in 6 months!"

—Shari J., Yelp

"We have been going to Children's Dental since my oldest was under a year old. I've seen the staff adapt to the ages and needs of my children in a professional and friendly way throughout our 6 years! We are so happy with our care and the staff at Children's and will continue to recommend this great place to our friends and neighbors."

—Courtney Luttrell Chizmadia, Facebook

"I cannot say enough great things about Children's Dental Health Center. My first experience was many years ago when my daughter was young. They took care of her dental health from cleanings to checkups clear through braces and beyond. As a parent I feel it is important to take a child to a children's dentist; after all, I took my children to a pediatrician as opposed to a family clinician, why not the same care for their teeth? The staff is knowledgeable, courteous and thoroughly professional. They are current with new treatments and techniques. My family is so impressed by the care at Children's Dental Health Center that my grandchildren go there as well."

—Karen I., Yelp

"When my girls love going to the dentist you know its an amazing place!!"

—Kasey Custer, Facebook

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