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What to Expect


Children’s Dental Health Center welcomes you to our practice! The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Dental Association all recommend establishing a “Dental Home” for your child by one year of age. This first visit is very beneficial; we examine oral and dental tissue for proper development; we provide parents with guidance regarding many area of infant oral care such as diet, trauma prevention, oral habits, and teething discomfort.​

Once your child is able to sit for the dentist, usually between ages 2 and 3, we recommend their first hygiene visit. This visit will include an exam, dental cleaning, tooth polishing and fluoride treatment. Radiographs may be recommended as needed. Our dental hygiene visits always include a visit with the dentist who will perform a full examination of the teeth, bite and surrounding structures. For an older child, if orthodontic treatment is indicated, we will schedule a follow-up visit with one of our orthodontists.

Our doctors and staff use a “show and tell” method to explain each procedure with your child. We are experienced dealing with children and will explain all treatment procedures in a positive and pleasant manner to avoid any anxious or negative feelings towards dentistry.

We WELCOME PARENTS in the treatment room and often find this gives a feeling of security for both child and parent during their dental care. Our goal is to gain your child’s confidence and overcome any apprehension they may have and to create the environment where your child’s needs are optimally met. In some cases, our treatment can be more effective when a parent is not present in the room. Most youngsters have fun in our office and their visit is an enjoyable outing.

Please feel free to call us if you have any questions or drop by the office for a visit.

Patient Forms


Please download and complete before your first visit.

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